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The Star (continued)

Many notable film roles followed,  Lady Godiva Rides Again (1951),which was temporarily banned by the American Board of Film Censors on account that Diana’s navel was deemed too risqué.  There followed another brush with the censors when she was filming My Wife’s Lodger in 1952 in which had to have one scene shot twice – once for a British audience where Diana was allowed to show her navel, and again for the American audience with Diana wearing a shirt to cover up.

My Wife’s Lodger 1952 – British Version 
US version of th same scene with Diana covered up
My Wife’s Lodger 1952 – US Version

A further 10 films later, it was not until the highly acclaimed Yield to the Night in 1956, that Diana was fully able to demonstrate her ability to act.  Casting off her sex symbol image, Diana portrayed Mary Hilton who, in the care of Her Majesty’s Prison, was awaiting a reprieve from her sentence to be hung and the film’s publicity asked, “Would you hang Mary Hilton?”