Steaming (1985) playing the part of Violet
Dick Turpin playing the part of Mrs. Buskin (1 episode, 1981)
-Dick Turpin’s Greatest Adventure: Part 4 (1981) TV
Timon of Athens (1981) (TV) playing the part of Timandra
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1981) (TV) playing the part of Kate Winterton
The Two Ronnies TV series playing the part of Commandant (Series 8) (The Worm That Turned episodes, 1980)
– Looking for Mr Wright (1980) TV episode playing the part of Maggie
Hammer House of Horror
– Children of the Full Moon (1980) TV episode playing the part of Mrs. Ardoy
– Episode #2.4 (1980) TV episode


Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair (1979) playing the part of Jenny Stride
Of Mycenae and Men (1979) (TV) playing the part of Helen of Troy
The Plank (1979) (TV) playing the part of Woman with Rose
The Sweeney
– Messenger of the Gods (1978) TV episode playing the part of Mrs. Rix
Just William
– William and the Tramp (1978) TV episode playing the part of Mrs. Bott
– Williams Worst Christmas (1977) TV episode playing the part of Mrs. Bott
– The Sweetest Little Girl in White (1977) TV episode playing the part of Mrs. Bott
Adventures of a Private Eye (1977) playing the part of Mrs. Horne
Keep It Up Downstairs (1976) playing the part of Daisy Dureneck
Adventures of a Taxi Driver (1976) playing the part of Mrs. North
– Death at the Top (1975) TV episode playing the part of aPanellist
Three for All (1975) playing the part of Mrs. Ball
Bedtime with Rosie (1975) playing the part of Aunt Annie
What the Swedish Butler Saw (1975) playing the part of Madame Helena
– The Devil’s Web (1975) TV episode playing the part of Bessy Morne
The Amorous Milkman (1975) playing the part of Rita
Craze (1974) playing the part of Dolly Newman
Steptoe and Son Ride Again (1973) playing the part of Woman in Flat
Theater of Blood (1973) playing the part of Maisie Saltry
All Our Saturdays (6 episodes)
-Charity Meets Its Match (14 February 1973) – Di Dorkins
-The Unhappy Hooker (21 February 1973) – Di Dorkins
-100 Years of Outstanding Underthings (28 February 1973) – Di Dorkins
-The Ref Is Always Right? (7 March 1973) – Di Dorkins
-Come Home Stan Maycock (14 March 1973) – Di Dorkins
-When the Nobbling Had to Stop (21 March 1973) – Di Dorkins
Nothing But the Night (1973) playing the part of Anna Harb
From Beyond the Grave (1973) playing the part of Mabel Lowe
The Amazing Mr. Blunden (1972) playing the part of Mrs. Wickens the Housekeeper
Queenie’s Castle (18 episodes)
-We Humbly Beseech (5 November 1970) – Queenie Shepherd
-The Great Divorce (12 November 1970) – Queenie Shepherd
-They Also Served (19 November 1970) – Queenie Shepherd
-Just Good Friends (26 November 1970) – Queenie Shepherd
-Trial by Fury (3 December 1970) – Queenie Shepherd
-Unaccustomed as I Am (10 December 1970) – Queenie Shepherd
-Sweetness and Light (3 June 1971) – Queenie Shepherd
-The Ladykillers (10 June 1971) – Queenie Shepherd
-The Breadwinner (17 June 1971) – Queenie Shepherd
-Industrial Relations (24 June 1971) – Queenie Shepherd
-On the Wagon (1 July 1971) – Queenie Shepherd
-Castles in the Air (8 July 1971) – Queenie Shepherd
-The Prowler (1 August 1972) – Queenie Shepherd
-New Broom (8 August 1972) – Queenie Shepherd
-The One That Got Away (15 August 1972) – Queenie Shepherd
-England Expects (22 August 1972) – Queenie Shepherd
-Mr Faintheart (29 August 1972) – Queenie Shepherd
-The Patter of Tiny Feet (5 September 1972) – Queenie Shepherd The Pied
The Pied Piper (1972) playing the part of Frau Poppendick
Dixon of Dock Green
– The Informant (1972) TV episode playing the part of Maisie Dewar
Swedish Wildcats (1972) playing the part of Margaretha
Hannie Caulder (1971) playing the part of Madame
Z Cars
– Contact Man: Part 1 (1971) TV episode playing the part of Madge Owen
– Contact Man: Part 2 (1971) TV episode playing the part of Madge Owen
Deep End (1971) playing the part of Mike’s 1. lady client
The Misfits (1971) playing the part of Maggie (ATV Television play broadcast 22.03.71)
There’s a Girl in My Soup (1970) playing the part of John’s Wife
Barry Humphries’ Scandals
– Episode #1.4 (1970) TV episode


Boy Meets Girl
– Where Have All the Ghosts Gone? (1968) TV episode playing the part of Megan Norton-Grey
Baby Love (1968) playing the part of Liz Thompson
Hammerhead (1968) playing the part of Kit
Danger Route(1967) playing the part of Rhoda Gooderich
Berserk! (1967) playing the part of Matilda
The Bruce Forsyth Show
– Episode #1.5 (1966) TV episode
The Sandwich Man (1966) playing the part of First Billingsgate Lady
Aquí el segundo programa
– Episode dated 12 December 1965 (1965) TV episode
Armchair Theatre
– A Nice Little Business (1964) TV episode playing the part of Grace Maxwell
– The Innocent (1960) TV episode playing the part of Jane Francis
Allez France! (1964) playing herself
Gran parada
– Episode dated 25 April 1964 (1964) TV episode
The Eleventh Hour
– 87 Different Kinds of Love (1964) TV episode playing the part of Carol Devon
Burke’s Law
– Who Killed Alex Debbs? (1963) TV episode playing the part of Maxine Borman
West 11 (1963) playing the part of Georgia
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
– Run for Doom (1963) TV episode playing the part of Nickie
Mrs. Gibbons’ Boys (1962) playing the part of Myra
Encontra a Mallorca (1962)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
– The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (1962) TV episode playing the part of Irene
A Taste of Honey
– Three Part TV Drama (1961)
– The Sportscar Breed (1961) TV episode
King of the Roaring 20’s – The Story of Arnold Rothstein (The Big Bankroll (UK) ) (1961) playing the part of Madge
On the Double (1961) playing the part of Sgt. Bridget Stanhope
The Jack Benny Program
– English Sketch (1961) TV episode playing the part of Lady Milbeck
The Red Skelton Show
– George Appleby’s Neighbour (1960) TV episode playing the part of Joan Williams
Scent of Mystery (Holiday in Spain (UK)) (1960) playing the part of Winifred Jordan


Passport to Shame (Room 43 (USA)) (1958) playing the part of Vicki
Tread Softly Stranger (1958) playing the part of Calico
La Ragazza del palio (The Love Specialist (UK)) (1958) playing the part of Diana Dixon
I Married a Woman (1958) playing the part of Janice Blake Briggs aka Miss Luxembourg
The Long Haul (1957) playing the part of Lynn
The Unholy Wife (1957) playing the part of Phyllis Hochen
Yield to the Night (Blonde Sinner (USA)) (1956) playing the part of Mary Price Hilton
An Alligator Named Daisy (1955) playing the part of Vanessa Colebrook
Value for Money (1955) playing the part of Ruthine West
Miss Tulip Stays the Night (1955) playing the part of Kate Dax
A Kid for Two Farthings (1955) playing the part of Sonia
As Long as They’re Happy (1955) playing the part of Pearl Delaney
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Presents
– The Lovely Place (1954) TV episode playing the part of Angie
The Weak and the Wicked (1954) playing the part of Betty Brown
It’s a Grand Life (1953) playing the part of Cpl. Paula Clements
The Saint’s Return (The Saint’s Girl Friday (USA)) (1953) playing the part of The Blonde in Lennar’s Apartment
Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary? (1953) playing the part of Candy Markham
The Great Game (1953) playing the part of Lulu Smith
My Wife’s Lodger (1952) playing the part of Eunice Higginbotham
The Last Page (Man Bait (USA)) (1952) playing the part of Ruby Bruce
How Do You View? (1949) TV series playing the part of Cuddles (1951)
Lady Godiva Rides Again (1951) playing the part of Dolores August
Worm’s Eye View (1951) playing the part of Thelma
Dance Hall (1950) playing the part of Carole


Diamond City (1949) playing the part of Dora
A Boy, a Girl and a Bike (1949) playing the part of Ada Foster
It’s Not Cricket (1949) playing the part of Blonde
Vote for Huggett (1949) playing the part of Diana
Here Come the Huggetts (1948) playing the part of Diana Hopkins
Oliver Twist (1948) playing the part of Charlotte
My Sister and I (1948) playing the part of Dreary Girl
Penny and the Pownall Case (1948) playing the part of Molly James
The Calendar (1948) playing the part of Hawkins
Good-Time Girl (1948) playing the part of Lyla Lawrence
Holiday Camp (1947) (uncredited) playing the part of Dancer
Dancing with Crime (1947) (uncredited) playing the part of Annette
The Shop at Sly Corner (Code of Scotland Yard (USA)) (1947) (uncredited) playing the part of Mildred

Notable TV appearances

Bob Hope’s, Women I Love: Beautiful But Funny (1982) (TV)
This Is Your Life
– Diana Dors (1982) TV
The Diana Dors Show (1981) TV series
– Episode #7.6 (1977) TV episode
The Devil’s Web (11 January 1975) (TV Play)- playing the part of Bessy Morne
Celebrity Squares (1975) TV series playing the part of Regular Panellist (1975-1979)
Jokers Wild (1969) TV series Team Captain (1973-1974)
Z Cars (TV)
-Contact Man: Part 1 (1 November 1971) – Madge Owen
-Contact Man: Part 2 (2 November 1971) – Madge Owen
The Woody Woodbury Show
– Episode dated 2 February 1968 (1968) TV episode
The Pat Boone Show
– Episode dated 30 January 1968 (1968) TV episode
The Hollywood Squares
– Episode dated 22 January 1968 (1968) TV episode Guest Appearance
The Joey Bishop
– Episode dated 3 January 1968 (1968) TV episode
Luces en la noche
– Episode dated 4 December 1966 (1966) TV episode
Allez France! (The Counterfeit Constable (USA)) (1964) playing Herself
Big Night Out
– Episode #2.4 (1964) TV episode (as Miss Diana Dors)
– Episode #1.12 (1964) TV episode
Juke Box Jury
– Episode dated 6 June 1964 TV – Guest Panellist
Fractured Flickers
– Episode #1.15 (1963) TV episode
Pantomime Quiz (15 episodes, 1962-1963)
– Jerry Lewis vs. Jayne Mansfield (17 September 1962) – Regular Panellist
-Dick Van Dyke vs. Imogene Coca (24 September 1962) – Regular Panellist
-Lee Marvin vs. Gypsy Rose Lee (1 October 1962) – Regular Panellist
-Yvonne DeCarlo vs. Art Linkletter (15 October 1962) – Regular Panellist
-Gisele MacKenzie vs. Tab Hunter (29 October 1962) – Regular Panellist
-Terry Moore vs. Cesar Romero (5 November 1962) – Regular Panellist
-The Rawhide Cast (10 December 1962) – Regular Panellist
-Nancy Sinatra vs. Tommy Sands (24 December 1962) – Regular Panellist
-Dan Dailey vs. Janet Blair (31 December 1962) – Regular Panellist
-The Mister Ed Cast (7 January 1963) – Regular Panellist
-Carol Lynley vs. Vincent Price (14 January 1963) – Regular Panellist
-Eartha Kitt vs. Robert Clary (21 January 1963) – Regular Panellist
-John Forsythe vs. Barbara Hale (28 January 1963) – Regular Panellist
-Episode dated 4 February 1963 (4 February 1963) – Regular Panellist
-Hugh O’Brian vs. Dolores Gray (11 February 1963) – Regular Panellist
Phillies Jackpot Bowling
– Episode dated 16 January 1961 (1961) TV episode
Person to Person
– Episode #8.8 (1960) TV episode
The Royal Variety Show (1960) (TV)
George Appleby’s Neighbour (6 December 1960) – Playing the part of Joan Williams
The Steve Allen Show
– Episode #5.24 (1960) TV episode – Guest
– Episode #4.29 (1959) TV – Singer
– Episode #4.23 (1959) TV – Singer
– Episode #4.17 (1959) TV – Singer
The Diana Dors Show (1959) TV series
The Phil Silvers Pontiac Special: Keep in Step (1959) (TV)
The Mike Wallace Interview
– Episode dated 18 November 1957 (1957) TV episode
I’ve Got a Secret
– Episode dated 23 October 1957 (1957) TV episode Celebrity Guest
The Bob Hope Show
– Episode dated 25 January 1957 (1957) TV episode
– Episode dated 7 February 1956 (1956) TV episode
The Dinah Shore Chevy Show
– Episode dated 7 February 1956 (1956) TV

Archive Footage

Crumpet! A Very British Sex Symbol (2005) (TV)
The Showbiz Set (2002) (TV)
– Diana Dors (2002) TV episode
The Unforgettable Diana Dors (2000) (TV)
Blondes: Diana Dors (1999) (TV)
Kenneth Williams: A Life on the Box (1998) (TV)
Alma Cogan: The Girl with the Giggle in Her Voice (1991) (TV)
Dors: The Other Diana (1990) (TV)
Bad Girls in the Movies (1986)
The Golden Gong (1985) (TV) -Interviewee
Clapper Board
– Lionel Jeffries: Part 1 (1979) TV episode